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 Safe Shipping Weather
We will only ship to your home or work when weather in route is 35-90 degrees
Fahrenheit. This temperature range is extended to 25-95 degrees Fahrenheit upon
arrival if you opt to have your live animals, petco frogs held for pickup at a main FedEx Shipping
Center. Animals must be picked up within 4 hours of arrival for live arrival guarantee to
Orders generally arrive by 12:00 PM
Typically the delivery time is before 12:00 PM (your local time) in most metro areas, but
some remote areas may not be guaranteed to arrive until “end of day”, which is usually
late afternoon or early evening at the latest (4:30PM).
FedEx Drivers WILL NOT wait for you to come to the door.
Generally speaking, FedEx will quickly knock or ring the doorbell, and leave your
package near your front door. While this sometimes seems crazy to people who are
new to having reptiles shipped to them, but this is industry standard. We purposely do,gaboon viper for sale.

We do not demand signatures since we do not want the reptiles to spend the reptile tanks for sale remainder of the day on a hot (or chilly) vehicle if you do not arrive on time. The reptiles’ false water cobra for sale safety is at stake here, tiger salamander for sale. Despite the fact that we don’t require a signature for delivery, sexotic com we can nonetheless get GPS delivery coordinates, exotic backwoods and other information if necessary to locate where a product, s and s exotics was left and verify delivery.


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