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At Planet Reptilia and Exotics we strive to conserve the many species of reptiles and exotics that we work with and continue to collect. We have over 20 years of combined experience in the care of delicate snakes such as Morelia ViridisCorallus Cananus, Royal Pythons, and many others. We also have specialized for many years in Tegus and terrestrial and arboreal Monitors.

We are continually expanding our menagerie to include rare and exotic species. Planet Reptilia seeks to help them thrive and captively reproduce. The species we work with are selectively bred to reliably produce some of the finest examples of lineage breeding. We specialize in creating our own designer morph lines of reptiles, as well as one of a kind reptiles for future breedings. We also strive to create tame and friendly specimens that will be great companions as pets.  

Planet Reptilia & Exotics is a Verified Shipper through Fed Ex and Delta Dash. We also posses a class 3 license to sell, exhibit, and display reptiles.





“I have a true love and passion for reptiles. Collectively with my husband Carlos, we have been breeding and keeping reptiles for over 6 years. My passion is in creating beautiful and unique animals with lots of contrasting colors and admirable physical traits. My true passion in reptiles is in Tegus. ”

-Nancy Michaelsen                                              






“I have been breeding and keeping reptiles for over 20 years. My true passion started with Morelia Viridis and other arboreal snake species, but I have also worked with various species of snakes, geckos, iguanas , Monitors, and Tegus.

My love and dedication has been in growing and expanding our tegu collection for the past 6 years. We aim to provide the best quality pure and hybrid tegus available in the market with our extensive collection of animals who posses a large variety of genetic traits. We selectively pick to breed each pair based on their genetics and their physical characteristics.

We like to set up everyone in tegus for success and not failure. We look forward to continue to create awesome animals for everyone to enjoy!”

– Carlos Michaelsen







“I have been a part of Planet Reptilia  for the past 6 years. We strive to breed and produce some of the best Tegus around. Our animals are friendly, tame, and absolutely beautiful! I love introducing others to the beauty and intelligence of these amazing creatures. At Planet Reptilia we look forward to a bright future creating beautiful reptiles for everyone.”


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